• "A Technical Research Agenda in Data Ethics and Responsible Data Management", (ACM SIGMOD 2018 special session). Slides (in presentation order): Julia StoyanovichAlan MisloveAlexandra Meliou, and Bill Howe.
  • "Data, Responsibly: fairness, diversity and transparency in data analysis", (AMW 2017 Data Science School tutorial) by Julia Stoyanovich. slides
  • "Fides: towards a responsible data science platform", (CITP talk) by Julia Stoyanovich. video
  • "Towards responsible data management", (talk in an EDBT 2017 panel on Database Technology and Behavior, Security, Ethics, Rights and Duties of Citizens) by Julia Stoyanovich. slides
  • "Fides: Towards responsible data management", (SSDBM 2017 talk) by Julia Stoyanovich, Bill Howe, Serge Abiteboul, Gerome Miklau, Arnaud Sahuguet, Gerhard Weikum. slides
  • "Revealing algorithmic rankers", (DTL 2016) by Julia Stoyanovich, Gerome Miklau and Ellen P. Goodman. slides
  • "Data, Responsibly: fairness, neutrality and transparency in data analysis", (EDBT 2016 tutorial) by Julia Stoyanovich, Serge Abiteboul and Gerome Miklau. slides
  • Teaching materials for Data, Responsibly by Julia Stoyanovich. slides (pdf)   slides (Keynote)

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