TransFAT: Translating Fairness, Accountability and Transparency into Data Science Practice
Slides (Julia Stoyanovich)

Keynote at Research Data Alliance (RDA) 13th Plenary Meeting

A Technical Research Agenda in Data Ethics and Responsible Data Management
ACM SIGMOD 2018 special session

Slides (Julia Stoyanovich), Slides (Alan Mislove), Slides (Alexandra Meliou), Slides (Bill Howe)

Data, Responsibly: fairness, diversity and transparency in data analysis
Julia Stoyanovich

AMW 2017 Data Science School tutorial

Fides: towards a responsible data science platform
Julia Stoyanovich

CITP talk (video)

Towards responsible data management
Julia Stoyanovich

EDBT 2017 panel on Database Technology and Behavior, Security, Ethics, Rights and Duties of Citizens

Fides: Towards responsible data management
Julia Stoyanovich, Bill Howe, Serge Abiteboul, Gerome Miklau, Arnaud Sahuguet, Gerhard Weikum

SSDBM 2017 talk

Revealing algorithmic rankers
Julia Stoyanovich, Gerome Miklau and Ellen P. Goodman

DTL 2016

Data, Responsibly: fairness, neutrality and transparency in data analysis
Julia Stoyanovich, Serge Abiteboul and Gerome Miklau

EDBT 2016 tutorial

Teaching materials for Data, Responsibly
Julia Stoyanovich

Slides (pdf), Slides (keynote)