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Check-In and Review

Suggested time: 15 min

Welcome back! (5 minutes)

To recap, a learning circle is a facilitated study group for people who want to meet regularly and learn about a topic with others. Learning circles have a facilitator whose job is to keep the meetings appropriate, on task, and supportive of individual learners’ participation and goals. There are no teachers or students in a learning circle—instead, everyone works through the material together as peers. Even if you’re brand new to this topic, sharing your opinions and personal experiences with the group will make for a much richer learning experience for everyone.

Take a few minutes to revisit the list of expectations your group established in the previous meeting. Open the floor to any suggestions from the group about additional expectations they’d like to propose going forward.

Module 1 review (10 minutes)

Here are the main topics we covered in Module 1:

Algorithm: an algorithm is a procedure that allows us to solve a problem without having to invent a solution each time. Getting ready for work or school in the morning, cooking great chicken soup, or troubleshooting the check-engine light in your car—these are all algorithms!

Artificial Intelligence: we get to Artificial Intelligence when steps and goals (algorithm) are used by a computer (artificial) to make decisions (intelligence) using data. This is how AI powers much of the technology we have come to rely upon in modern life. But the key thing to remember is that Artificial Intelligence is always derived from “Everyday Intelligence” that all human beings possess. Just like everyday intelligence, AI is not simply an algorithm, it also involves data and decisions. Which AI is “best” depends on the goals we have for it and on its context of use.

You can find a description of these and other concepts in the Glossary.

Module 2 explores how computers can learn from data to make decisions.

Group check-in

Give everyone 1 minute to say hello:

  • Share your name and something about why you’re interested in this topic.
  • Have you noticed any of the themes from the previous module pop up in your life this week?

Facilitator tip: You can also use an icebreaker to connect the group through their passions outside of this topic. Look for questions that allow for a wide range of answers and avoid topics that may exclude or isolate some participants.

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