A nutritional label for rankings

A Web-based application that generates a “nutritional label” for rankings. Ranking Facts is made up of a collection of visual widgets that implement our latest research results on fairness, stability, and transparency for rankings, and that communicate details of the ranking methodology, or of the output, to the end user.


Privacy-preserving synthetic data generator

Data Synthesizer is a tool for privacy-preserving syntehtic data generation. Use it through the Web-based UI or as an open-source python library.


Fairness-aware instrumentation of Machine Learning pipelines

An open-source library that extracts directed acyclic graph (DAG) representations of the data flow in preprocessing pipelines for Machine Learning.


Design and evaluation framework for incorporating fairness-enhancing interventions into Machine Learning pipelines

An open-source library that helps data scientists incororate fairness-enhancing interventions into complex pipelines, while following best practices in design and experimentation.



Urban Data Science, Responsibly


DPComp is a web-based tool designed to help both practitioners and researchers assess the accuracy of state-of-the-art differentially private algorithms.